Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We have been busy beavers (that's a Canadian joke...heehee) over here.  You guys continue to rock our world. And we want you to know how much we love that!  So far you all seem to like the new products we have been bringing in.  The Totseat has been a huge hit, and we've already had to reorder inventory. A lot of littles out there are sitting comfortably on their new Cocoon Couture bean bag chairs, and Kinderville is taking over most of your plastic at home.

So how do we top those amazing products?  By finding new ones!

Over July and August, we will be introducing two more lines to The Spotted Monkey.  The first is Children Inspire Design's wall cards.  I absolutely love that they are made from 100% recycled card stock, printed in soy ink, and wrapped in biodegradable celophane.  These cards are not only art, they are teaching tools as well.  

We will also be carrying the PEACE Recycled Bird Mobile.  Hope, opportunity and freedom have long been associated with birds and flight.  These birds are made through a program called PEACE, a grassroots cooperative of women from semi-rural, economically disadvantaged areas in Mexico.  Proceeds from the sale of these products provide income to help lift families from a life of poverty to prosperity and gives them the hope and freedom to fly.

Another product flying into The Spotted Monkey in July is the Songbird Wooden Mobile from Snug.  Snug is based in Hanover Germany and is the company of two amazingly talented women designers.  They believe in using natural materials and mixing simple with traditional.  

We are also busy working on bringing lines of hand crafted wooden toys from Lithuania and Korea.  Not to mention a few others you haven't heard of, yet.

Happy shopping,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No More Teachers, No More Books...

Summer is almost here!  And while most of us don't get two months off like our kids, we do take some time to unwind with the family.  Did I say 'unwind'?  What I meant to say was winding up countless hours and days preparing our houses, our cars, our kids and ourselves for a family vacation.  So, in the spirit of preparedness, we have put together the top 5 products that make family travel fun and functional.

With any vacation, half the battle is just getting there. Keep the kids entertained in the car with Road Trip Bingo.  Your kids will keep their eyes peeled to beat their siblings to the punch and you will keep your sanity in tact.  

Perhaps you're travelling with a wee one.  Rather than take up valuable  space in your vehicle with bulky boosters, throw a Totseat into your diaper bag and you'll have a seat for your babe anywhere you go.  Compact, washable and easy enough to use even Dad can set up the baby.  

If your kids are anything like mine, they are road trip snackers.  I would always carry snacks in my tote, only to find them scattered all over the bottom of my purse because the lid popped off.  Or they would be crushed into little crumbs if I kept them in their own packaging.  But then I found Kinderville.  These amazing little storage jars have suction lids that keep them from popping open in your bag, plus the are soft allowing kids to easily grasp them. And best of all, they are BPA, phthalates and lead free.

My husband loves to play horseshoes when we go camping.  But I'm not keen on letting my 3 and 2 year old throw heavy metal objects at anything.  Instead, they use these handmade bean bags from Rosie Stitch.  These old school toys come in two sizes and a variety of patterns.  From horseshoes, to catch, to relay races, they really are a toy that inspires imagination.

The amount of gear needed to take kids on vacation can be overwhelming.  Instead of lugging all of their stuff, have your kids shoulder some of the responsibility with these toddler knapsacks from Daabbawalla.  Just the right size to carry, your kids will be able to bring the stuff they want to while the suitcase will carry the stuff you want them to bring.

Wishing you and your family safe, fun and sane vacations this summer!

Happy shopping,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cocoon Couture

Australia's Cocoon Couture 
has arrived!

We are so excited to welcome this collection from down under.  Cocoon Couture offers a delightful range of children's bean bag covers specially designed with everyday use in mind.  Each bean bag cover features sweet and fun critters in vintage inspired  fabric applique on pinwale cord colours that blend with any decor.

All covers are completely machine washable and made from 100% pinwale cotton.  Each bag  also comes with an internal safety liner to ensure beans remain intact. The bag measures 23.6" across the base and 33.4" high.

 Fun, functional and stylish - what more could you ask for?

Happy Shopping!

Gone Bananas