Sunday, January 2, 2011


How exciting!  The start of a new year.  At the end of each year, I find myself reflecting and attempting to determine what I can improve in the upcoming year.  2010 was a particularly exciting year, as it was the year that The Spotted Monkey moved from a dream to a reality.

So we thought it only appropriate to make some resolutions for all of our amazing customers and fans of The Spotted Monkey.  Here goes:

1.  We resolve to bring you exciting new products throughout 2011.

2.  We resolve to keep our prices fair and reasonable.

3.  We resolve to continue our commitment to researching new and unique items.

4.  We resolve to send out a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest specials and products.

5.  We resolve to offer only products that we use or would use for our own children and grandchildren.

Wishing you an upcoming year of health, happiness and love. 

Happy new year,


Gone Bananas