Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Stuff

I LOVE finding new stuff, almost as much as I LOVE receiving new stuff.  So imagine how excited I am to have found new stuff that we will have in our hot little hands in the next month to offer you!

TheSpottedMonkey.com will be bringing in two new lines in the upcoming weeks.  The first is a line from Australia, Cocoon Couture.  Beautiful and functional bean bag chairs for kids from down under.  And they are fabulous!

The next is Kinderville, a line of innovative, safe and functional products for your little's edibles.  These are truly fantastic, from the divided plates to the popsicle molds.  My little's love them and so will yours.

And don't forget to fill out the online survey and post your comment on our FB discussion page for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate from TheSpottedMonkey.com.

Happy Tuesday,


Gone Bananas