Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hope, opportunity and freedom have long been associated with birds and flight.  These birds are made through a program called PEACE, a grassroots cooperative of women from semi-rural, economically disadvantaged areas in Mexico.  PEACE’s line of art and crafts are mostly created from recycled materials. Proceeds from the sale of these products provide income to help lift families from a life of poverty to prosperity and gives them the hope and freedom to fly.
Children Inspire Design supports PEACE by purchasing their handcraft birds and designing them into these mobiles and ornaments.  Perfect for a nursery, a playroom or entryway, the bird collection gives rise to opportunity and hope for the community that makes them and love for the home that receives them.
Each bird mobile unit includes 6 handcrafted birds and a Kikkerland metal mobile unit.  Measures approximately 24" high by 30" wide.  Some assembly required.

Happy shopping!


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